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Vertical Blinds

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It combine elegance with adaptability and energy efficiency, designed for optimum performance over spans of up to 5800mm, vertical blinds are both hardy and ideal for unique design applications and are an excellent solution for hard-to-reach and expansive situations.

Acetyl Resin Components

Acetyl resin will not retard or breakdown in the heat and is stronger than plastics, offering a reliable and smooth operation for the life of your blinds

Blockout Blade

The Blockout Blade option offers complete privacy and total light control. It solves many light gap problems and is exclusive to Apple Blinds & Curtains Curtains and Blinds

Clutching Mechanism/Self-Aligning Carriers

The Vertical Track features a built in clutch to stop any damage caused by over winding and may be used to automatically realign your verticals via the clutching mechanism

Bottom Weight & Chain System

Feature a high density, one-piece bottom weight that will not discolour the fabric, as metal weights are prone to do. The chain will release under pressure and can be easily reattached. Also available are chainless and sewn in bottom weights

Slimline Design

28mm track extrusion is up to 40% slimmer than many brands and provides a more attractive finish. Fully coordinated with slats to complete the look of the vertical blind

Minimal Stack Size

The narrow vane travellers provide a much narrower blade stack permitting greater clearance. This will enable you to take full advantage of your view

Light Control

The Benthin Vertical Track is suitable for a wide range of applications and are characterised by their flexibility, durability and the efficient, versatile solar protection they provide. The louvres can be adjusted to follow the course of the sun and are an excellent way to control and direct the light.

Option of Chain or Wand Operation

The wand operation will tilt the blades and open & close the blind in one action.

5 / 10 Year Warranty

10 years on track and 5 years on fabric providing peace of mind

Vertical Blinds Products

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